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If you feel your illness is related to working in the Bannister Federal Complex, you must file a claim under FECA.

Federal Employee’s Compensation Act (FECA) provides benefits to civilian employees of Federal facilities who have suffered work-related injuries or occupational diseases.  Many of us know this as Worker’s Compensation. The costs are paid from the Employee Compensation Fund, administered by the Office of Worker’s Compensation – Department of Labor. The employer must reimburse this fund for all benefits paid out for employees each year.

FECA covers pre-existing conditions if the employee can provide factual medical evidence that the disease was aggravated, accelerated or precipitated by the occupational exposure.

The burden of proof is on you!  You must be classified as disabled to be eligible for benefits.

  • The claim must be filed within 3 years of the date of injury or illness
  • The employee must establish the ‘fact of injury or illness’
    • Fact of Injury: The medical condition found resulted from the events, which led up to the injury or illness
  • The employee must have been employed at the facility when the injury or illness occurred
  • You must establish a Causal Relationship of the workplace and your injury or illness. It is based entirely on medical evidence provided by physicians who examine and treat the employee.

 What are the steps?

  • File a claim – CA-7 – Claim for Compensation
  • Provide the Fact of Injury and Causal Relationship
  • Wait while the OWCP reviews the claim, considers the factual and medical evidence submitted by both the employee and employer to see if it is ACCEPTED
  • Wait again while the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) determines if you are Disabled as a result of the claimed injury or illness
    • If your claim is denied, you can appeal. Plan on it and follow the timelines

District Office 11 – Kansas City
US Dept. of Labor, OWCP
City Center Square
1100 Main Street, Suite 750
Kansas City, MO 64105