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KCP Promethium Contamination: A Comedy of Errors

In 1970, engineers at the Allied Signal KCP decided to design and build their own test apparatus for measuring aluminum deposited on Mylar substrates. They decided they wanted a Beta Radiation source so that they might measure the electron backscatter. Due to their position as a classified National Nuclear Security Agency contractor, working under the auspices of the Department of Energy, all they needed to do to get a new and unique radiation source, was make a call to Oak Ridge National Laboratory. And so, our comedy of errors begins. Click Here to Read More...

KCP PM 147 Contamination: Time Line

Summary of Report of Investigation of Pm 147 Contamination, February 10, 1989, Kansas City Plant, Kansas City, MO, Published September 1989

The Kansas City Plant (KCP) requested (via a series of telephone calls only) Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) Isotope Products Division to provide the Pm 147 (Promethium) sources with 10-590 millicurie activities in 1974. No formal specifications were documented, but per the verbal agreement by both parties, ORNL provided experimental sources of Pm 147 to KCP.  Click Here to see the full Time Line of Events and Clean Up...

Beryllium Exposure

Beryllium Exposure: The “Unrecognized Epidemic”. The metal can be toxic to workers who handle it. Where has OSHA been?

This article describes how one OSHA employee became a whistle blower because the agency failed to protect its own workers.  As you read this summary, think about the potential exposure you have had at the Bannister Federal Complex and compare that to the infrequent and minimal exposures of the OSHA inspectors. What are your chances that you have become sensitized to Beryllium? Click Here to Read More...